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Teeth Whitening


Getting the Right Solution

There are many options available to enhance the appearance and colour of teeth ranging from the removal of surface stains to the lightening of internal pigments of teeth or even more complex restorative methods. Whitening your smile depends on many factors – your lifestyle, the current shade of your teeth and the results you wish to achieve to name a few.

At The DenCare Clinic, we want to help you find the right shade/colour and appearance to match you and your personality.

Helping You to Enhance Your Smile

Here at The DenCare Clinic, we assist you in choosing the best path to enhancing your smile. We know how important your smile can mean to you and affect your day-to-day confidence.

With so many companies and products available on the market, outside of the dental specialist studios, it can sometimes be confusing as to which products are good or bad for you. Most items available are generic and could result in undesired results, as they are designed to be fit for everyone. Some products are actually quite bad for you, especially if you are prone to certain dental issues.

Smile Enhancing Treatment Options at DenCare Clinic

Ultrasonic Scale and Polish

Often frequent hygiene treatments/cleans are enough to keep a natural smile clean and bright while maintaining the integrity of the tooth surface. A scale and polish is carried out by a special device which vibrates many thousand times a second to create a sonic motion which dislodges plaque and debris. This helps to keep unwanted bacteria at bay and maintain a healthy smile.

Power Polish

This is like the above, but a bit more. We use an Air Polishing device with special prophylaxis pearls to safely and effectively lift off stains from teeth. Usually patient’s who have this done once always want it done again and again!

Professional Tooth Whitening

Using carbamide peroxide gel in a custom fabricated tray is the traditional tried and tested way to actually whiten/lighten the internal pigments of teeth, thereby improving their appearance without altering any tooth structure.

We create your own personal tray to fit your mouth comfortably which can be worn overnight or less as required. Results can be seen after about 2 weeks and the trays can be reused in the future. As with the other treatments mentioned above, this will only affect natural teeth, other options will need to be considered to whiten veneer, crown and composite restorations.

Internal Bleaching

This is a very effective way to lighten non-vital teeth that have been discoloured over time or by trauma (particularly effective for patients who have had root canal treatments). Bleach is placed inside of the tooth for a week and removed or replaced until the desired result has been achieved. Using this technique, we can lighten the remaining tooth structure over several weeks to the desired shade in a very controlled way.

Composite Restorations, Veneers and Crowns

The whitening treatments mentioned affect the colour of natural teeth and will not have a whitening effect on teeth of any other material (plastic, glass, metal, porcelain, etc.). In these cases, slightly more invasive alternative whitening treatment will have to be discussed and considered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

How Long Will it Take?

This will depend on the treatment plan prescribed by the dentist, most average cases of home whitening can lighten in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Is it Safe?

Yes. Studies show* that the effect on enamel of a total bleaching treatment using 10% carbamide peroxide, is equivalent to one carbonated drink. Although, if you are pregnant or nursing, we strongly urge you to seek medical advice before attempting any whitening procedures.

(*Ref: McCracken MS,etal.Demineralisation effects of 10% CP. & cola on enamel.J Dent Res 3;72:215)

How Much Does it Cost?

At The DenCare Clinic, our prices have and always will be extremely competitive. Prices for whitening vary depending on the treatments and desired results. Dr Chandni will discuss the best possible solution and cost during your consultation.

How Long Will it Last?

In most cases results can last as long as 12 – 18 months, however this will depend on each individual’s lifestyle. Avoiding staining agents such as cigarettes, tea/coffee and wine means the effects will last longer before whitening maintenance is needed.

Can I Buy Over the Counter Whitening Products?

Over the counter whitening products contain much lower strength of active ingredients than those prescribed by dentists, and although they may remove surface stains, they will not change the actual colour of your teeth.

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